When is the farmers market open?

The market is open to customers every Saturday* after the bell rings at 8:30 am. It isn't officially over till 1:00, but most vendors have sold out and left by then. We recommend you try to shop before 11:00, but you can definately find some good deals later in the day.

* It doesn't happen often, but the market on rare occasions gets cancelled due to holidays or severe weather. This will be announced via Newsletter if it ever happens.

How do I get there, and where can I park?

Check the directions page for directions.

Parking at the Market can be tight during the April through July peak season. Please park only in the designated areas. Parking on the right of way directly adjacent to the street on both U.S. 441 and Northwest 34th Street is illegal. In addition to being unsafe, cars parked there risk being ticketed or towed. Parking is allowed along the entrance driveway, in front and in back of the former inspection station, behind the market building, and in the Alachua County Tax Collector's Office lot. There are several handicap parking spaces. Unless you have the appropriate permit, please do not park in handicap spaces.
If you are arriving by bike, please use one of the bike racks located at each entrance.

Are the 441 market and the ACFM the same thing?

Yes, "441 market' is another name for the "Alachua County Farmers Market". It's called the Alachua County Farmers Market because it was created partly with funds from Alachua County, and leases the facility from the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners on a yearly basis. You're just as likely to hear it called the "441 Market", since it is convieniently located on U.S. Route 441.

Is this run by Alachua County?

No, but the farmers market facility is maintained by Alachua County. The policies and rules enforcement at the market, along with all online content/social media are the responsibility of the board of directors and their employees/volunteers.

Can I bring my dog?

Visiting the ACFM is a wonderful shopping experience, but it is still more like shopping in a food store than anything else. Because of health, safety and insurance restrictions, we have to ask that you leave your pets at home. Exceptions are made for service animals.

What payment methods are accepted there?

All of the vendors accept cash. Many accept checks and credit/debit via mobile device. WIC/Eldercare Farmers Market Nutrition Program coupons can be used to purchase locally grown, fresh Florida fruits and vegetables from April 1 to July 31. Contact the Florida Dept. of Agriculture for more information.

Florida Organics Growers sets up a booth at the market every Saturday to help you purchase from the vendors via credit, debit, or SNAP (formerly known as EBT). Look for the green tent at the entrance for more information.

What are the big metal containers at the entrances full of plant pots?

Those are the pot corrals. Customers can bring empty pots back to the market, and vendors will pick them up to be re-used. It's like take-a-penny, leave-a-penny, except with pots. Please do not put egg cartons, card board boxes, disposable thin-plastic pots, or other refuse in the pot corrals.

Are there restrooms there?

There are restrooms adjacent to the market area. The restrooms are handicapped accessible from a ramp at the front of the main parking lot.

Can I sell my crafts at the 441 market?

Vendors are permitted to sell craft items such as soaps or wreaths at the market, under the condition that they have grown or produced the main ingredients of all craft items themselves. Sellers of goat milk soaps for example would have to have obtained the milk from their own goats to qualify.

Can I sell bread that I baked myself at the 441 market?

A vendor could only sell baked goods or other prepared food items if the primary ingredients of those items were produced on their own farm.

The Alachua County Farmers' Market currently leases its facilities under an agreement that does allow for one food vendor at the market. That space is currently filled by a bakery vendor. That vendor (the market's sole food vendor) is not required to have grown their own ingredients, but is required to pay a premium for their selling privileges.

How much does it cost to sell & how can I get started?

A Daily vendor just starting out will pay about $20 to $25 per Saturday for the first two weeks, and then $10 to $15 per Saturday after that. For more details, and to apply to sell at the market, visit the Farmer's Only page.

What if I suspect a vendor of reselling or deceptive marketing?

If you suspect that a vendor is selling a non-eligible product or conducting business in an unethical manner, please request an official complaint form from the market manager.

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