New vendors are always welcome, however participation is limited to Florida growers only. That means any items offered for sale at the market must have been grown(or produced primarily from ingredients grown) in the state of Florida by the person or business selling them.

Before members are permitted to rent a selling space at the market, they must provide any applicable documentation for their selection of products. This will likely include at least a few of the following: Up-to-date copies of these documents must be provided each market year, which begins April 1st. Additionally, Every farm must be peer-grower inspected at least once to assure compliance with the rules. Every member should also be familiar with the market's Rules & Regulations, as well as the Bylaws.
In order to read the pdf files, you need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What it costs

There are 2 types of memberships at the market.

The first is a daily membership.
A daily membership is a good choice for growers whose products are available only for a short season. It may also help those who want to see how well they do at the market before committing to selling there every week. A daily member pays two fees; a membership fee and a daily rental fee. Daily sellers also pay annual membership dues of $10 per day with a maximum of $20 per year. The second fee, is the space rental, which varies from $10 - $15 per day(plus tax), depending on the season.

The second type of membership is an annual membership.
Each grower renting an annual space at the market must pay annual membership dues of $125. Selling space rental fees range from $200 to $275 per year depending on the space selected. All spaces are about 350 sq ft . Members leasing spaces on an annual basis may renew their existing assigned spaces or participate in a lottery for any unassigned spaces. Annual members may also choose to take an unassigned selling space for $150 per year. Annual membership is a good option for growers who anticipate having crops to sell almost every week year round.

In addition to membership dues and space rental, every member of the market must pay the $30 peer-grower inspection fee, plus mileage if their farm is outside of Alachua County.

Prepare to sell

Growers who are interested in selling at the ACFM are advised to visit the market before they apply. Get a feel for what it is like. Observe the booths of the growers selling here now. Notice the ways the goods are displayed and look at the signs showing the prices. See how the growers interact with the customers.

Produce doesn't sell itself. Growers have to display and market it in an appealing manner. If you just flip down the tailgate of your truck and get back into the cab, your chances of selling what you grew are small.

Food vendors may only sell items which are made from their own products. They are required to have a "Certified Kitchen" with the state of Florida and must carry a liability insurance policy.

The ACFM wants you to succeed. You can get help in making signs and coming up with ideas for displaying your produce. Marketing produce requires energy and creativity, just like planting and harvesting your crops do.